All caravans which are sold or rented by AIRSTREAM COLLECTOR are registered in France or can be registered in Europe.

Caravans of this size are classed as trailers weighing over 750 kg and need an E-type driving licence in France (category B in the U.K.). The towing vehicle needs to have a hauling capacity of between two and three tonnes, depending on the model.
A large car, SUV or small goods vehicle are suitable.

The caravans we sell are delivered in original condition with original furnishings and fittings. The power supply is to U.S. standards (110 V / 60 Hz) and can either be modified or fitted with a transformer.

Dimensions are in feet, so a 31' trailer is just under 9.5 metres long.

All models are 2.45 m wide and 3 m in height.

The 1970's are considered to have been the golden years for Airstream design and so we mainly import trailers from that decade. We would be happy to find you a caravan from the year you want upon request.